Hill Climb Racing 2 Apk Latest Version for Android

Hill Climb Racing 2 Apk for Android latest version v1.14.3 is available here. You can download it for all Android phones and tablets. In this Android game, Bill is back to drive his red Jeep but control is in your hands. It is the most popular Android racing game in the world. Hill Climb is a 2D video game that makes it possible for you to drive on hills to defeat the competitors without falling down. You have to control Bill and his Jeep from accidents. Driving Bill’s Jeep is not so easy because you are racing and climbing on hills. There are one thousand (1000) million maximum installations of Hill Climb Racing 2 game with 4.6 average rating on Play Store that makes it clear that the game is loved by millions.

According to Wikipedia, Hill Climb Racing was initially released in September 2012 on Google Play for Android devices and on November 2012 the Apple’s iOS has been added to the supporting list of Hill Climb racing game. Later in November 2013, the developers have released Hill Climb for Windows Phone and Windows 8.1. In 2015, the Hill Climb has been released for Windows 10. During the first year alone, Hill Climb Racing was downloaded over 100 million times and later in July 2014, it has received more than 200 million installs. The developer of this amazing game is FingerSoft.

Hill Climb Racing has two different playing modes that are single player mode and double player mode. The Hill Climb Racing 2 was firstly released on November 28, 2016, for Android devices and on December 2016 for iOS devices. It is compatible with Android v4.2 or higher versions. The latest update was last made on 19 February 2018, on Google Play Store.

Hill Climb Racing is included in most addictive and entertaining physics driving games’ list. It is available for free to download. In this racing game, Newton Bill is ready with his red jeep to give you a nice journey of beautiful hills where you have never gone before. Bill is challenging the world in racing. There is multiplayer racing madness option available to play. While playing with Bill, you will experience the new environment with unique challenges. You can challenge with different cars in Hill Climb 2. Hill Climb Racing Android game is as addictive as Yandere Simulator PC. Yandere is created based on a story that attracts more and more users. Its full version available for PC and apk is also available for Android operating system.

Hill Climb Racing 2 Android Game

As you know that the Hill Climb Racing 2 game was released in November 2016. You will have new challenges, new stages, new cars, new motorcycles, and new vehicle customization features in the latest version of the game. You can win big bonuses and high positions by defeating your competitors. It is possible to tune your car by using the collected bonus. Newton Bill uses laws of physics to defeat component until he will not reach on the highest hills. You will feel the natural environment in this game while driving your car through the rugged mountainous roads.

There are new features added in the latest version of Hill Climb Racing 2. The best features are; you can improve your vehicle while the racing or buy the new one. In the starting stage in this game, there is only one car but you can buy them from Google Play/Fingersoft or install the Hill Climb Racing Modded APK file to get new cars and even motorcycles for free. You can customize your vehicle with different paints, different style of tires, and many others. There are some significant improvements, visual improvement, addicting online modes, more cars, and tracks have been added in the latest version of Hill Climb Racing 2.

Hill Climb Racing 2 apk

Hill Climb Racing 2 APK

It is important to share some significant information about Hill Climb. This is the complete history of Hill Climb Racing 2 the addictive game. You can read it to increase your knowledge about Hill Climb Racing game if you are new to it.

  • Name: Hill Climb Racing
  • Supported OS: Android, iOS, Windows 8, Windows phones, and Windows 10
  • Developer(s): FingerSoft
  • Category: Racing
  • Playing Modes: Single Player mode and double player mode
  • Released History:
        • Android (September 2012)
        • iOS (November 2012)
        • Windows phone (November 2013)
        • Windows 8 (November 2013)
        • Released for Windows 10 (2015)
        • Hill Climb Racing 2 (November 28, 2016)

Hill Climb Racing 2 is available in Amazon Store, App Store, and Google Play Store. The official support email ID is support@fingersoft.net. You can contact them anytime whenever you will feel any difficulty about their game. The officials of Hill Climb have mentioned some effective features which they added in the v1.13.1. We are going to discuss those features under here.

Features of Hill Climb Racing 2;

  1. New events
  2. Unlock vehicles such as cars and motorcycles & choose best one for you
  3. Cars and Motorcycles performance can be improved
  4. Fourteen new and upgrade-able tune parts
  5. Create a unique vehicle for you (characters, cars, and motorcycles)
  6. Different environments for racing (dirt, snow, asphalt, and more)
  7. The best compatible graphics for low and high-resolution devices
  8. Challenge your friends in daily and weekly competition
  9. Possible to climb the leaderboards, compete in the race, and become no 1 car racer

Hill Climb Racing 2 Apk

Some Additional Information About Hill Climb Racing 2 APK;

Hill Climb Racing 2 is available for free by FingerSoft but there are some in-app purchase options available. The previous issues have been fixed in the version v1.14.3. The reported issues were errors with video ads and issues with offline mode. You will never face these issues anymore.

The Hill Climb Racing 2 APK latest version is v1.14.3. It is available in English language for all Android devices. Hill Climb Racing has released 23 versions till now but the latest version is version 1.14.3 at this time. Some additional important information which you will need ever have been given under here.

  • Version: Latest apk
  • Required OS: Android v4.2 or later
  • Apk Volume: 89MB
  • Last update: 19 February 2018
  • MD5: 68ed23b883c3ba88204505e87502236f
  • Package name: com.fingersoft.hcr2
  • SHA1: 161562eefe44bc2ad7b91843bd253a15e7a36338
  • Rating on Google Play Store: 4.6/5
  • Privacy Policy: Read here

Download Hill Climb Racing 2 APK for all Android devices that should be running on Android version 4.2 or later. The direct download link below contains the full version APK file of Hill Climb Racing 2 Android racing game. If any of the download links is not working, please let us know in the comment section. We will update it for you as well as quick.

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